You're a creative, driven, and unconventional business owner...

You're great at what you do and have incredible gifts to share with the world. 

You know you need a beautiful, professional website to attract your ideal clients, sell out your services, and create the wildly successful business of your dreams.... that strategically supports your business growth, is perfectly integrated and streamlined with all your favorite tools, and above all, is one you feel SUPER proud to share with the world!

...but you have no idea where to start, or you've got a hot mess DIY project on your hands and you're over it. You're lost in tech rabbit holes and totally overwhelmed.

Let's fix that. I can help.

Hey, I'm Laura

I'm a creative entrepreneur myself, a web designer and developer who works with service-based entrepreneurs.

They want a professional website, but are overwhelmed with all the tech and design stuff and don't know where to start.

I help them get a gorgeous, strategic, powerful, and easy to update website they'll be excited to share with the world, so they can get more clients online and build the business of their dreams.


It wasn't always this way.

I grew up in a small, sleepy, agricultural town on a rural street. But I had big dreams. I was highly creative, independent, and ambitious, eager to get out into the world and find my place in it.

I was a closet geek, and was incredibly fortunate to have access to a computer with dial-up internet from a young age, when most people barely knew what the internet was. I spent hours on end tinkering and creating things with the primitive tech tools of the time. I was designing and "coding" without knowing it – in my mind, I was just playing and exploring.

I also had all the signs of a budding online entrepreneur, though of course I didn't recognize it at the time. I spent much of my early teenage years buying and selling designer clothes and Beanie Babies on this new online marketplace called eBay, amazed that I could actually make money this way (and it sure beat washing cars and pulling weeds!).

I should have known all along – I was a creator at heart, with a serious entrepreneurial streak.

But somewhere along the journey, I lost my way.

I was deemed "smart" in school, and I knew smart people did things like become doctors, lawyers, and engineers.


So that's what I did. I went to engineering school.

I poured all my heart and energy into my studies. I even got a masters degree and took extra classes so I could be ready to apply to medical school (you know, just in case).

I spent more late Saturday nights in the library than I'm proud of.

I assumed that as long as I worked really hard and followed all the rules, even if I was terribly unhappy, everything would work out on the other side.

I stopped listening to my heart, and lost sight of my childhood dreams.

When I finally landed my "dream" career as an engineer at a big, fancy medical tech company, I felt confused.

I had a nice salary, cushy benefits, and after a couple years, an impressive-sounding senior title.

From the outside, I looked like a success.

But I was miserable. This wasn't right. This wasn't me.

Where had I gone wrong?

I thought as an engineer, I'd be creating things, improving the world. That was what I loved to do.

It was a rude awakening to realize that in corporate, my job was much more to uphold the existing systems and status quo, no matter how archaic or little sense it made, than to actually make things better.

I spent much more time sitting through pointless meetings, navigating office politics, and writing dry reports that no one would ever read than creating anything of actual value.

At risk of sounding a bit dramatic – I could feel my spirit slowly dying inside.

But I stuck with it for about 6 years, convinced that maybe it would get better. Maybe I had to just endure this early stage of my career and find my groove.

But a little voice was growing inside me.

It was my heart, trying desperately to reconnect with me.

It started out as a whisper, but over a few years, it got louder and louder.

Eventually, it was full-on shouting at me every time I got in my car to start my dreaded commute through SF Bay Area traffic.

I became desperate. I had to do something.

So I began a deep personal exploration of my skills and talents, to discover what lights me up.

I devoured books, podcasts, and online resources.

I started writing again.

I began seeking points of view outside my narrow circle of friends and current understanding of the world.

Once I gave myself the space to dream, I was able to re-connect with my heart and begin to trust myself.

Aha! It was there all along...

When I (re-)discovered web design and development, everything began to click.

I found myself pulled into the work with the same fascination I felt as a kid, back at my computer, tinkering and playing. It came naturally and joyfully to me.

My creativity was flowing again.

I woke up early, stayed up late, and spent my weekends absorbing everything I could while continuing to plug along in my full-time engineering job.

Designing and building websites was the perfect combination of creative and technical. It also opened the possibilities to scratch the entrepreneurial itch that had been there all along, quietly waiting for "real me" to return.

In the midst of this discovery, I also found myself drawn to people who did things "differently" in life.

They lived adventurous, unconventional lives, carved their own paths, and refused to accept the status quo. They started businesses, dreamed big, and relied on their own resourcefulness to create a life on their own terms. They created their own freedom. They wrote their own stories.

The pieces of the puzzle began to come together. It was time for re-invention.

"By December 2017, you will quit your corporate job." what I wrote in hard ink in my journal in late 2016. I didn't fully have a plan, but I knew a hard deadline would put a fire under my butt to figure it out.

I kept that promise to myself and never looked back.

Lots of people in my life didn't get it. I was called "crazy" to my face more than a few times. Probably many more times behind my back.

But I didn't care.

I was finally learning to take the wheel in my own life, and it felt damn good.

A great adventure begins

The road from then to now was windy and wonderful, and at times, really, REALLY tough.

I began freelancing, designing and building websites for a wide variety of small businesses.

I sold most of my stuff and moved into a van with my boyfriend and lovable border collie.

We relocated from California to Colorado and then to Oregon.

I trained for and completed two Ironman triathlons, which helped me keep some semblance of daily structure while I learned to craft my own in my new, very fluid work life.

Jumping from the relative certainty of corporate life to building a business of my own was incredibly challenging. I had to learn and build everything from the ground up, and was still struggling to shed my old identity as a corporate engineer and fully own my new one as an entrepreneur.

But nevertheless, I persisted.

Creativity + grit = magic

Another move brought me from Colorado to Bend, Oregon, where I no longer live in a van and run my web design business out of a real home office and an awesome co-working space.

Today, I start my days excited to do work I love and serve other entrepreneurs doing amazing things in the world.

It's not always perfect – no career will ever be – and I still have plenty of struggles and challenges as a solo business owner. But I'm finally living life on my terms, and that's more valuable to me than anything in the whole world.

I am truly privileged to have the opportunity to work with some incredible business owners, helping them bring THEIR gifts to the world with an awesome website.

Websites make it real.

Websites are your online home, your little corner of the internet, your space to tell your story, sell your services, and say HELLO WORLD, I AM HERE!

They can also be a source of major stress, especially for small business owners.

That's why I take great joy in making the process simple and easy for others. No tech jargon. No overwhelm. No handcuffing to a site that you don’t have control over and doesn’t serve you.

If you're tired of wrangling glitchy themes, getting lost in endless Googling, and crying over your keyboard, I'm here to lend a friendly hand.

Together, we'll create a knock-out website that's easy to manage and you are proud to share with the world!

So I've told you my story...

Are you ready to tell yours?