Laura MacCarley, web designer at Heartfire Creative

šŸ‘‹ Oh hey.

You found me! My name is Laura MacCarley. Iā€™m an engineer turned designer, among other things.

Iā€™m currently open for freelance engagements in the following areas of expertise:

  • UI/UX/web design
  • Custom WordPress theme development
  • Related consulting

I work with small businesses, startups, entrepreneurs, and other nimble teams with hustle and heart.

I live in Bend, OR, USA, but work with people worldwide. If you're local, you can find me most days at my "office" The Haven Co-working (website by me!).

To learn more about my work and / or request a consult, please contact me here šŸ‘‰

āš ļø Good things take time. My waitlist for new clients is typically 4-6 months.